When Puerto Ricans & Cubans Collide on Christmas Eve

Just a quick hello and re-cap from yesterday's Christmas Eve pachanga with the fam! We had such a wonderful time with our family, celebrating with delicious food, good music, and people we love. Temperatures were in the high 70s today, breezy, and just perfect. Christmas day is tomorrow and we're excited to hang with the other side of the family for a delicious Christmas dinner and relaxation. 
pants: gifted, blouse: lucky brand, clogs: thrifted $3
The delicious food of the evening! We had arroz congri, arroz con gandules, yucca con mojo, guineito en escabeche, dinner roast, sweet potato casserole (not Cuban)! Everything was so delicious! 
See this little guy to the left? His name is Pechi and he's my favorite dog in the whole wide world. He's handsome, polite, a true gentleman, I love him. And the guy on the right? He's my not-so-wittle brother who's also handsome and anti-kisses. I looove to bother him and kiss his cheeks! 
My beautiful, wonderful family :)
Hand-stands on the sidewalk! Oh yes, my one-year of gymnastics freshman year of high school is still serving me good for something. That's me in the middle right there! Woo-hoo!
And the night evolved into a Puerto Rican/Cuban pachanga! It was mega out-of-tune and out of rhythm most of the time, but it was AWESOME. We had a supa-good time improvising with makeshift instruments and singing Puerto Rican Christmas classics. 
We wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS

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