Merry Christmas

"We marvel at the Savior's sacrifice in exchanging the throne of heaven for the manger, and the companionship of the adoring angels for the beasts of the stall. Human pride and self-sufficiency stand rebuked in His presence. Yet this was but the beginning of His wonderful condescension." 
Desire of Ages, Ellen White, Merry Christmas ♥
Here's a side to the Christmas story that isn't often told:

Those soft little hands, fashioned by the Holy Spirit in Mary's womb, were made so that nails might be driven through them.

Those baby feet, pink and unable to walk, would one day walk up a dusty hill to be nailed to a cross.

That sweet infant's head with sparkling eyes and eager mouth was formed so that someday men might force a crown of thorns onto it.

That tender body, warm and soft, wrapped in swaddling cloths, would one day be ripped open by a spear.

Jesus was born to die.

John McArthur

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Falen @ Upward Not Inward said...

So true... And the reason... That's where the story gets real... For you and for me. Praise be to the God who sacrificed it all for each and every one of us. Thank you for this reminder. Beautiful.

Thank you for linking up with Into the Word Wednesday. Merry day after Christmas to you!