Winter Wear in Miami, or not?

Twas' the day after Christmas. As I scroll through all the blog posts I have to catch-up on I see one recurring theme--snow and winter outfits. And then, here am I, sporting a summer look that will give you ZERO inspiration for tomorrow's outfit (if you live up North, of course). I'm sorry if that's you, but I need to enjoy the dresses and hats while I can! :)
My momma didn't have to work today so we spent all day strolling the streets of Miami, shopping and just spending time together. It was fantastic. The weather was breezy and warm in the high 70s. Bliss
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day and are continuing to enjoy the holidays! The New Year is quickly approaching and I am scratching my head thinking of ONE resolution that I can actually keep for the upcoming year. Hmmm....what shall it be?
dress: INC via opitz, belt: liz claiborne via Goodwill, hat: forever 21, shoes: tjmaxx, purse: gifted
Hiding under my cute baby palm tree! 

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ThistleAshD said...

I love Miami so much! Enjoy!