Welcome Winter & Thanksgiving Recap

I had an amazing Thanksgiving day. I am so grateful for such an amazing church family and group of friends! We had some delicious food, desserts to make your mouth water, and a night with no sleep. (I just woke up!) Minnesota weather surprised me again. This really shouldn't surprise me anymore. The forecast said the day would be in the high 50s. I look perfectly normal in these pictures, right? Well, I was freezing!!! And to my surprise and utter joy (really!), we got our first official snowfall right before sunset. So gorgeous. It was a great way to end Fall and start winter on Thanksgiving day. As beautiful as it looked, the beauty suddenly turned into aching pain as I stepped out to bravely confront 25-30 mph winds of temperatures in the low 20s and more so when we scraped our car windows for the first time this year. Great! Here comes winter...brace yourselves! 
lace dress: tjmaxx, blouse: vintage thrifted, belt: forever 21, tights: target, clogs: goodwill
Our delicious vegetarian Thanksgiving potluck dinner! So many delicious dishes. I overate big time! But it's all good--I had all night to digest it while exercising at the biggest mall in America. From left to right, here's what we ate:
Vegetarian pastelon de papa (mashed potato pie with veggie meat & cheese)
Vegan green beans (typical northern staple)
Vegan mashed potatoes & gravy (can't forget those! delicious!)
Vegan fried chicken (Mmm good!)
Dinner rolls (of course! Got to have those carbs!)
Vegan stuffing with tofu (yum!)
Salad, cranberry sauce, and cranberry jelly (first time I had cranberry sauce!)
Collard greens with mushrooms and other yummy veggies
Tostones (We had to have some fried plantains! A taste of home away from home!)
Dessert (I had a plate ful of sweets! But they were mostly guilt-free!)
From left to right...
Turrones from Miami
In the oven, apple pie, pumpkin pie, raspberry pie, and sweet potatoes with vegan marshmallows. 
Guilt-free no bake raw vegan cookies!
And not shown: fruit salad and almond milk vanilla ice cream (so good!)
To your left is I, proudly showing off our contributions to the dinner--tostones and pastelon de papa. Yum! And to your right, the lovely Rita being domestic and fixing up the gravy which turned out delicious! 
My hubby and I, stopping to take a picture by a gorgeous tree at the mall while black friday shopping with friends at 3AM. I'm amazed at how awake we look in this picture! We did some good shopping. I'm glad we only got things we need, not just a bunch of wants. Let me just say, I am so ready for the holiday season! Seeing everything lit up and bright, Christmas carols playing in the stores--makes my heart flutter! Can't wait to be home for Christmas!

With Love,

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