The God Encounter

Yesterday was Youth Sabbath at my church. It was such a blessing. I am so proud of all the youth! They did so great! The message was centered around posing the question, "Have you had a God encounter?" Testimonies were shared of how young people have seen and felt God in various ways. It's amazing the diversity with which God chooses to interact with us! He does not reveal Himself the same way to everyone, but makes each encounter unique. What an Almighty yet personal God we have! It got me thinking, have I had a God encounter? The answer is YES! But have I cherished those moments enough to keep the memory vivid in my mind as a reminder of what God has done in the past and what He can do in the future? Not so much. Because of that, I've resolved to put some of my "God encounters" into writing and, especially this week, keep my eyes and heart wide awake to recognize the "God encounters" of everyday life. 
These pictures are far overdue but better late than never! A few weeks I had the joy of having one of my best friend's with me in Minneapolis for a weekend. We had so much fun! She came from Miami where Fall is pretty much non-existant so the leaves were a major part of the excursion. I mean, who can look at the array of gorgeous Fall colors and NOT fall in love with God's creation? 

With Love,
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Elsha Bodily said...

Love your hat and tights! And that is such a great message you shared, the youth of today are way more advanced that what I was at their age. God really is a good God and you are so correct in that he does not present himself the same to everyone :) Love your post!

Sandy a la Mode said...

love your hats!! too cute!!

Sandy a la Mode

Angela said...

Love you mixing and matching of colors!
Method Clothe

Kathleen Lisson said...

You both look lovely in your hats. I am so excited you are writing down your stories!

Katie said...

how cool to hear all those stories! and what cute pictures!!

Natalie said...

Love the hat and shoes :-)