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I found these two cardboard guys at the Mall of America a few weeks ago. At this point, I was mega-confused about which cardboard guy to choose. Well it's a day before election day. Thankfully, I've made up my mind since that day and I already voted absentee. It feels really good to know I don't have to wait in those ginormous lines forming in Florida (sorry guys!!!). Anyway, we'll find out tomorrow (maybe!) which one of the two cardboard guys gets to sit at the Oval Office for the next four years. We shall see. 

There's something about politics that's extremely disturbing to me as a Christian. And that is the extreme involvement of the Church with politics that has led to division in our own churches, division in the country, and barriers to the spreading of the Gospel. The Casting Crowns song "Jesus, Friend of Sinners" comes to mind. One of the lines of their song says, 
"Nobody knows what we're for, only what we're against when we judge the wounded. What if we put down our signs, crossed over the lines and loved like You did?" 
 It pains me when students at my University want nothing to do with Christianity because of the Church's increasing involvement with political issues. It outrages me that people don't have a problem with Jesus, but they never get to Him, because politics is the wall that divides the two. It frustrates me when I see politicians say that if you don't vote a certain way you will face eternal consequences. Seriously? The Church needs to return to Christ and look at His example for guidance. Jesus was not involved with politics. He was concerned about saving souls. “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s." [Matthew 22:21] Church and state are two separate entities not to be mingled. More so, Jesus did not seek the government's approval or agreement in order to radically change the world around Him. He performed miracles, healed the sick, and transformed the lives of everyone who met Him all in the midst of an unbelieving Roman government that ended up sanctioning His death. And the final reason why politics & I just can't be good friends is this: Jesus commission to us as His disciples is to "go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." [Matthew 28:19-20] Our mission on this earth is not to make known what  Christians are against and try to enact laws to reflect Christian principles all while judging and hurting those who practice the very things we want outlawed. Our job is to reach over this thick line that has divided us for so long and blur it out with love

 This isn't meant to be a criticism of the Republican Party; it hasn't always been this way. I like Republicans! I think their economics makes a whole lot of sense and that's why I lean heavily in that direction! But it is a statement of the frustrations I have with the ultra-conservative religious Right whose rhetoric implies they want Church and state to be one. I tried really hard to look at this objectively and vote my conscious and I feel at peace with my vote. I voted for what I felt the country needs the most which is to pick itself up economically. I believe one candidate is better suited to complete that job. I believe they are both good guys who want the best for our country. They just don't share the same method to getting there. The more I get involved politically, the more disillusioned I get, and the more I yearn for a home outside of this planet. This world simply cannot satisfy. My hope is not in Obama; my hope is not in Romney. My hope is in Jesus and He's the only one who will make this mess right. 

With Love,


Elsha Bodily said...

Great thoughts, I'd never thought about it that way but completely agree. Sadly I will be standing in those lines tomorrow:(

Brooke said...

Love these thoughts. I believe in the separation of Church and state, but that doesn't mean we can't get a great in-tune leader to help America :)

And not to distract from these words, but - I love that outfit. So much.

Rubi Diaz said...

Brooke, I totally agree! And that's why I chose to vote rather than not. I believe there is a clear choice for who is better to lead America to recovery but I just had to voice some of my frustrations! :)

And Thanks!!!!!



Julianne Drews said...

Hey Rubi,
Thanks for your post and for your honesty. I also love that part in the Casting Crowns song;)

Have you seen the movies Monumental by Kirk Cameron or Agenda by Curtis Bowers? Those are really good movies for Christians to see...they explain our current political dilemma with a Christian world view.

You know, I usually think the opposite is true regarding the church. The church has backed away so much that because of it we have this American tragedy...that we must choose between two candidates that really do not represent Christ at all! The pilgrims (who founded our nation) were hardcore Christians and most of the signers of the Declaration were Christians too! They were heavily involved in politics…they formed our country! They wanted religion in the classroom, they wanted limited government, they didn’t want their citizens to be uninvolved. The church and its members must address politics (of course we must still be respectful when we talk to non-Christians!!). The world will hate us when we stand for God’s truth…we should not be surprised(they hated Him first…John 15:18). But tolerating evil is never a solution. And if the church doesn’t address politics, who will? Our allegiance is to God, not man. The church(which is made up of God’s people) must be involved in politics. We must stand for justice and by doing so we will be standing for truth. Jesus was hated…but it didn’t stop him.

Thanks again. This is my first time voting and I have a lot to sort out too!
p.s. I do agree that politics can cause divisions(but when we stand for truth we'll always cause division). We must apply scripture to EVERY area of our life! We need to back what we’re saying with scripture! And we must be informed( I have a lot to work on in that area:)

Livia Rachelle said...

The separation of Church and state is a governmental idea not a Biblical one AT ALL; the Bible never, ever gives the idea that anything should be separated. Christians always must look at what the Bible says with regards to anything and that includes politics, especially now since moral issues (abortion) are involved in recent elections. It should not get ugly, but there is a problem morally and Biblically when someone claims to be a Christian and supports a person who thinks that it is okay to murder babies-that is not an extremist view-that is Biblical. If a person tries to separate morals from outside he or she need to questions what he or she believes. I am not talking about being hateful and screaming and threatening horrible things-that is hypocritical-but so is not voting according to Biblical principles. If politics only involved business and the economy it would be one thing-very unimportant in the grand scheme of things and who cares what party, but it doesn't any more-it involves children's lives and that is never a neutral issue. Like the person said above-the idea of avoiding extremism is not Biblical-Christians will be hated-the Bible says so-if they are not in some area they need to question whether or not they are following the Bible. It is not a simple concept of just separate and don't offend-that is NOT Biblical in the least. What is Biblical is to carefully share for a person to share his or her views without being hateful and violent. If a person does not share his or her views, then he or she is not being a witness to unbelievers. Christians are not supposed to be just like everyone else and espouse tolerance, separation, the status quo and etc. without examining them in the light of Scripture.

Rubi Diaz said...

I appreciate your post Julianne! Thank you! I have a lot to sort out in my mind as well. Blessings!

Rubi Diaz said...

Thank you for your post Livia! I really appreciate it! I'm with you on not being "neutral" when it comes to important moral issues that are occurring in our present society. They are awful things, I believe that too and I hate the fact that it exists. I just feel like we can make a deeper impact, perhaps even an eternal impact in the lives of individuals on a personal basis, rather than focusing our efforts in making an immoral thing illegal. As Christians we should stand for truth, and I know that we will be despised for it. However, how we present truth is very important and how we emphasize the saving of souls is important as well. This is just an example, in Minnesota where I live, there is a huge campaign going on to amend the Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman and thereby forbidding gay marriage. I'm not saying that's wrong, but, do you think there is a problem when we overemphasize gay marriage but let divorce, adultery, and fornication slip between our fingers among our own Christian brother and sisters with 50% of Christian marriages ending in divorce? I just want Christians to be known for the Gospel of Christ rather than for what we're against. That, in essence, was the root of my rant. Blessings to you! :)