God Is Not An Elephant

Yesterday night, we approach our car parked in the parking lot of our friend's apartment complex and we find a mess. Papers thrown on the floor, someone was clearly messing around in here and it wasn't us! Turns out someone broke into our car for the first time ever  to take our GPS. That's all they took, and left the charger by the way! That GPS died about 10 minutes after they took it without a battery charger but anyway, someone intruded my personal space! Ouch! It sucks when you are purposely hurt by someone else, even a stranger. It hurts even more when it's a close friend or family member that hurts you, breaks your trust, gossips about you, or betrays you. It's a painful, heavy load to walk around with. Last Sunday night I was blessed to attend the Tenth Avenue North's The Struggle Tour. It was great. I love worship nights. I think my favorite part of nights of worship is worshipping with an auditorium full of believers, of other Christians who are equally broken and striving to seek the Lord with all their heart and resemble the image of Christ. I love when bands lead us to put our arms around one another and sing together to the God of our salvation, priceless. Forgiveness can be a touchy subject. How do we forgive those who hurt us? Well I've got news for you! Well Mike does...God is not an elephant and because He's not an elephant, we should not be either! :)
You must be really confused right now...watch the video below to understand!
P.S. Car thieves, I forgive you. And if you want the charger and the GPS stand, I'll give that to you as well! 
With my two amazing friends Jamie and Elizabeth. The upper right photo is Mike from Tenth Avenue North and the bottom right photo is Audrey Assad; she's so sweet.
There's nothing like worshiping the King of the Universe! The bottom right photo is special because at one point in the concert the band transferred to a makeshift stage right in front of our seating area and did all my favorite classics from their previous albums. It was like a personal serenade. Beautiful!
And some pre-concert fun, making faces and having a good time! 

With Love,
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