5 Inches Lighter

It's been over a week since I've posted an outfit post, I've worn clothes though, promise! It's been an insane October so far, and it's only getting worse. All my professors decided to make every assignment due in October so here I am, trying to keep up with the madness of nursing school. I will get through this though!!! Anyway, after a difficult exam on Friday morning, I was in desperate need of some ME time. I left the class and set up an appointment to get a haircut right away. Something about stress and the Fall season gives me the urge to change my hair! I cut a whopping 5 inches or so off and it feels great! So much lighter and easier to manage, I love it. 
I hope ya'll had a blessed Saturday, I sure did! We had communion at our church this Sabbath and then had bean burgers and sorbet for lunch with good friends!
 Have an amazing week!
dress: loft thrifted, tights: marshalls, shoes: thrifted, purse: fossil

With Love,
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Liliet said...

Hey RubY! glad to see you back! I hear that Minnesota is really chilly! lol.
Love the haircut, I know what you mean with the stress of school, hang in there, holiday season is right around the corner!

Natasha Atkerson said...

Love the outfit! Your hair does look cute! I've never had the guts to chop too much off my hair-always afraid it won't grow back! :)
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Rubi Diaz said...

hahaha thanks Natasha! It can be a scary thought but rest assured, hair does grow back! And healthier! :)

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Adorable outfit! I love the purple and cheetah, such a classy fall combo. Congrats on getting brave enough for the haircut too, it looks great.


Rachel said...

That dress is stunning! I would love a dress with a cut like that--it's so versatile, practical, and pretty too! Man, I hope I someday find a dress that awesome in a thrift store!

Ashley said...

Your hair looks fantastic!!!

That is how professors usually do it...all assignments due at once!

The Mrs. and The Momma said...

Those shoes are amazing! Love the whole Fall look!

CC said...

Love the dress! So cute with the black tights and leopard shoes! ;)
Your new haircut is really lovely! ;)

Mounette said...



PS : please let me know if you wants we follow between us on GFC

Doranda said...

You are adorable! I'll be featuring this outfit on Sundays link party.


Kimberly Bonham said...

Love this outfit. Great color on you!