Road Trippin' Day Three Part II: Reunited

Once we arrived in Dallas, we went to reunite with special friends, Maddy & Ramses! I am so thrilled that I got to see them again. It was fantastic. This will be the first of many reunions this summer! Yippeeee!
Now a confession: when I crossed the Texan border, I immediately felt like I was lacking something. Knowing me, can you guess what that was? Yep, a cowgirl hat! I texted Maddy that I felt I needed a cowgirl hat in Texas and she chose to make my day by dressing up for our reunion. Love it! 
In Texas, there's a Mexican restaurant (or two) in every corner! It's crazzzyyy! And the food is real; not taco bell mexican (not even close). Maddy and Ramses took us to Nico's Cocina in Dallas to have some REAL Mexican food and it was amazing! Those nacho chips and black bean dip were yum! And the entree's were da bomb (yeah, it slips out every now and then). 
Maddy and her husband Ramses. They are such a special couple. 
My hubby and I ready to have some real Mexican food!!!
And finally, my outfit for the day. Not gonna lie, yesterday was exhausting and it was difficult to attempt to get dressed in lady-like fashion. In all honesty, I was VERY tempted to put on some jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. But then I stopped, and remembered how great it feels to dress up and feel confident in your outfit. I love this lace top! It goes well with any color you put underneath it and feels so girly. My scarf was a gift from my dear momma and the jeans I've had since I was 15. The way I wear them, however, has definitely evolved throughout the years. I encourage you to look at your wardrobe with eyes of "what it could be" rather than "what it was" or "what it is." You can make any piece (or almost any) work for you if you think hard enough. By trying daily to dress up, you will get better at viewing your wardrobe with new sets of eyes each time. I am learning to do that!
top: marshals, jeans: tjmaxx, scarf: jessica simpson via tjmaxx, sandals: aerosol via tjmaxx

Can you tell I buy most of my clothes in marshals or tjmaxx? I can never pay full price for an item. It just doesn't make sense to me. My second tip of the post: never pay full-price! 

Blessings & Good night!

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LOVE this look! xoxo linds