Divine Intervention

Have you seen God work in the little things of your life lately? I did. Here's the backstory: Anthony got an internship in Baytown, TX this summer. As we were searching for an apartment to live in for 3 months, we couldn't find any that wasn't way out of our budget. That was until we placed it in the Lord's hands and asked Him to find a place for us. On this particular day, we were praying for God to show us where we should live this summer and He miraculously impacted Anthony to call this ad we found on Craiglist. We were super skeptical about whether or not this was a spam because it seemed almost too good to be true. Once we figured out it wasn't a spam, we started looking at all the apartment pictures more closely to see if we liked it and WALA I come across the sign below on one of the pictures listed on their website. I could not believe it. A church? Seriously? I looked it up and indeed, there was a Seventh-Day Adventist Church 300 ft from our apartment. How amazing is that? Confirmation much? 
God is always looking out for us, even in the little bitty things. If our eyes are open to His blessings, we will undoubtedly witness showers of blessings from above. On Sabbath, it took us 45 seconds to walk to church, we were 15 minutes early, and it felt wonderful! Not to mention, the people were so friendly and welcoming, it was a glorious Sabbath day!

And my Sabbath best: 
top: the limited, skirt: ross, belt: forever 21, shoes: deny via opitz, sunglasses: the limited

Have a blessed week ya'll and keep your eyes open to see God work in the little things in YOUR life! 

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