Road Trippin' Day Three: The Creepy South

As we ventured out of Tulsa, OK and made our way to Dallas, TX, we encountered a couple of surprises I'd like to share. I had never been to the South and Oklahoma seemed like an eternal drive down nothingness. That was until we decided we REALLY needed to use the bathroom. We searched our GPS for anything nearby that could have a bathroom and the closest thing that showed up was a gas station so we we decided to head there. Drive, drive, drive and NO GAS STATION. 
We did however pass by this neighborhood with a trailer house sporting the very first and only Confederate flag of our road trip. Needless to say, this neighborhood was creepy. I was so scared someone random NRA member with a gun would come out and show us what's down to hispanics who dare venture into their white supremacist space. We survived the experience. Thank you Jesus. 
Still with a persisting need to empty the bladder (sorry, TMI) we looked for the next closest gas station that appeared on the GPS and headed that way. Again, NO GAS STATION. We did find a bathroom in the middle of a beautiful park with not one soul there. That bathroom was SCARY. It was one lonely toilet seat, no flushing, just a dark deep hole in the ground. What in the world?! We are in America people! I couldn't stop thinking of "what if something just jumps out of that hole at me and drags me in with it?!" It was gross. 
Arriving in Texas, the "Lone Star State" was like a breath of fresh air! Siggghhhh! Civilization at last! That was the giant star greeting us at the entrance to the state. It was lovely! Just another hour and we would arrive in Dallas!
In Dallas, at last! Texas is fantastic! More updates coming up from our brief stay in Dallas in the next blog post!


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