Quinoa, Kale, and Apple Recipe

My husband ate dinner out yesterday with some buddies so I took advantage of the opportunity to cook something weird that he probably would not try! Ha! Well, it was AWESOME and so so healthy!  
There were only 6 ingredients: quinoa, kale, apple, salt, cashew, walnut, and ground flax seed.  
I used this recipe from the awesome Jason Wrobel to cook the meal and instead of adding hemp seeds, I grinded a few cashews walnuts with flax seed meal and garnished the dish with it as a sort of "parmesan cheese." This recipe is also abundant in PROTEIN. Both kale and quinoa have tons of protein so no need to worry about that. It was fabulous friends! Try it! I was a little apprehensive of how the kale and apple would taste together but wowzers! It works! Looooved it!  
P.S. Yesterday I made a vlog about my food philosophy and other food-related things to link-up with The Girl Behind the Blog. If you missed that, click here.  

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