I dare you to...

Just dropping to share some of my happenings while in Miami! I'm having too much fun to post as often as I would like and for that, I apologize! These photos were taken in Miami Beach, one of the cities most visited by tourists in South Florida. We had a blast touring our own city. Sometimes we live in a place for so long we fail to see the beauty in our hometowns. 
I dare you to be a tourist of your city! Find the awesome things about it, seek to know more about it, and learn to LOVE it. I didn't realize it until I moved away for college, but Miami is part of who I am, it's intertwined with my identity, my passions, my heritage, and my outlook on life and time. I have to admit, I didn't love Miami very much before, but I do now. 
I've traded pine trees for palm trees this holiday break and I'm lovin' it! 
dress: goodwill, hat: burlington, sandals: tjmaxx
On the famous Collins Avenue with my friend and my momma! Take a stroll through Miami Beach and you will see SO much diversity. It's hard to explain to people who've never been to Miami. It really is a whole new world.
Posing with the hubby. He was the photographer of the day and boy did he do a great job! 
You can't forget the Britto meter. Britto is the characteristic "art" of Miami. Truthfully, I wouldn't consider it "art" but it is lots of fun and colorful!
PEACE and LOVE friends, and my mom wondering what we're doing posing in the middle of two busy streets!
Trading snow for sand this holiday break, and I'm lovin' this too! 
I hope your first days of 2013 are bringing you lots of JOY. Praying you all are blessed this year with wonderful memories you can carry with you for the rest of your lives! 
If you're looking out the window and all you see is snow, I'm sending a jar full of sunshine your way! Stay warm!

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