GUEST POST: Faith-based Fashion from Natalie at Good Girl Style

Hi friends! My name is Natalie and I blog over at Good Girl Style. You can probably tell from my blog title that I, too,  blog about modest fashion. I try to call it “Faith-based style,” a term I use to embrace the whole heart behind WHY we dress modestly. Instead of focusing on rules, I think about why we are called to dress modestly, and how dressing modestly is actually a privilege. Our beauty does not come from outward adornment; instead, it comes from Christ who created us, and shines through us. I love to create relate-able beauty, then, is fashion that sparks a conversation because it is accessible and inviting. Instead of being driven by brand-names and the latest styles; or the opposite, only shapeless, colorless clothing; I want women to embrace the fact that we are free in Christ to express ourselves, our creativity, and His beauty in our wardrobes, so long as we do it with a heart towards glorifying Him.
I also wanted to take a minute to continue encouraging you all to think of using fashion as a mission field. I know it can be a thin line to walk because fashion is seen as frivolous and surfacey. But when you think about it, what we wear on the outside has a deep connection to how we feel about ourselves on the inside. Just watch any makeover show on TV and you’ll see the tears and struggles that surface when you start to deal with a person’s wardrobe. It is extremely personal. This intimate reaction most of us have deep-down to fashion actually creates an opportunity. We can begin the conversation, and Jesus can work. God has given me a passion for helping women to feel and be their best selves, using fashion as a jumping-off point. I love being able to share faith-based fashion with my sisters in Christ and using it as a tool to share Christ’s love and compassion for others. What a privilege to help the hearts of women!

Rubi does such a great job of this too (isn't her Winter in Miami dress utterly darling?). I don't remember how we became blog friends, but I'm so glad we did. 
Thanks for letting me take a minute to introduce myself, Rubi! 
Thank you so much for this, Natalie! You articulated this idea so well! I highly encourage you to head over to Natalie's blog Good Girl Style and check it out! She is one of my favorite bloggers, ever. So relate-able and Spirit-filled. I don't know how we became blog friends either, but I'm sure glad we did! 


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