2013, I Dare You to Beat 2012

This year has been incredible in so many ways: wore purple eye shadow for the first time ever, tried going vegan (failed but ended up eating healthier so it's a start!), started juicing for life, awakened my inner Christian feminist, met a gorgeous baby, trained to be a doula, made new friends, read more books for fun, voted for the first time ever, started my clinical nursing practicums, made a snow angel on the hood of my car, did a cart wheel in the snow, crashed on icy roads, panicked because of the snow, went to a Tenth Avenue North concert, started a blog, ate a fried Oreo for the first time, went Kayaking for the first time ever, had more legit Mexican food in a month than I had in a lifetime, tried shopping at Goodwill and got hooked, learned to trust God with my money, loved my husband like crazy despite him driving me crazy, learned to love myself for who I am as a woman and an image-bearer of God, and so much more, but I'll end with that because it was the highlight of my year. 
Started the year in January as a bridesmaid to my childhood biff, Eleni. It was a very special day! :)
In May, I started this blog as a fun hobby to challenge myself to dress well and it's flourished into much more than that! I have been blessed by so many of you in the blogosphere, words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am for this avenue to express myself and learn from you. So thrilled to see what 2013 brings and what more I will learn and share! 

In May, my husband and I jam-packed our tiny PT Cruiser and headed South to the big ol' state of Texas. We spent the summer in this other "country" and had a blast! We made some incredible friends and can't wait to be back for more fun & adventures in the Lonestar State!

August 14th, 2012 marked one year since my husband and I said "I Do." Time has flown by and boy have we learned a ton about marriage and about each other. God has blessed us so much and I can't wait to see what 2013 holds for us as a couple. 
In September, I turned 21 and celebrated with a big glass of fresh home-made juice with my new Omega juicer! Who says you have to drink alcohol on your 21st? Juice is so much better!
This year we officially experienced our first major Minnesota snowstorm. It was sweet on Sunday when this picture was taken, and totally miserable the next day when I had to drive to clinical on icy roads and crashed, was totally shaken, and crying my eyes out. I learned something from that day though, GOD IS REAL and He is constantly watching over me. Nothing happened to me or the other driver, the cars were practically untouched, it was settled and that was that. God is so good, He amazes me SO MUCH.
In December, I finally made it back to Miami, my home, to visit family, friends, and re-unite with Mr. Sun. We are still in Miami, savoring every moment spent with loved ones and Mr. Sun! 

2012, you were memorable, incredible, and amazingly sweet. 2013, I dare you to beat 2012!

With Love,

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