The Nursing Diaries: Boy Power

Tuesday was my third day in Maternal/Newborn clinical. It was pretty darn good, despite the curve balls! I was assigned a patient in the beginning of my shift whom I started working with just fine. The baby was big and plump and adorable! I got to hold him. *blushes* But then a few hours into my day, the patient decided she didn't really want a student taking care of her. It was kind of sad, but I know I didn't do anything wrong to make her feel that way. There were several stressors that were overwhelming her and a student in the room constantly was too much to handle. That's okay! I was reassigned to another family. They were wonderful! So sweet and happy! The baby was again, adorable! I got to conduct a family interview, screened for postpartum depression, and gave two medications! I'm starting to feel more comfortable now and it makes me happy! Overall, it was a great day! 

Fun fact: You might've heard this on the news. Nineteen baby boys were born in a row over a 62 hour period. This happened over Thanksgiving weekend starting Friday morning. A baby girl finally broke the streak on Monday morning when she entered the world at 7:30 AM! Her daddy, CEO of a diapers company, offered to give the 19 baby boys a 3-month supply of diapers and wipes! How sweet is that? What's even cooler is that this is the hospital where I'm doing my OB practicum and I got to meet baby #14! Too cute!
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