Life Lately: Take Three

 I haven't done one of these in a while and had more instaphotos than usual. I decided to organize my photos by how related they are to each other and so, do an organized telling of our life lately.
The first and third photo is the gorgeous scenery of Minnesota fall. I just adore the yellow leaves extravaganza. It's a sight to behold! The center picture is from when we went apple picking at an orchard. We were on a hayride when the picture weas taken. I should actually post those pictures to the blog! I'm late!

Once upon a Sabbath afternoon, Jamie on the harp and my husband Anthony on the flute serenading me with beautiful hymns! Just kidding. It wasn't a serenade for me, but it was sweet music!
You see that little guy on the left? That's Michael, and I just love him. Does he not look so snuggly in his little bear suit? So adorable! And the door on the right is the main entrance to my church in Minneapolis. I love this style of old architecture.
To the left: Cinnamon Toast Crunch ladies & gents, my ultimate favorite, ever! The acidity in my body goes bonkers when I eat it but it's worth all the sugary crystals melting in my mouth! Make sure to brush your teeth after eating something so sweet! To the right: canned food drive with the youth group last weekend so other families can enjoy a bowl of cereal like mine.

Sabbath morning best with the husband. I love this guy! Sabbath is my favorite day love, because it's the day we can be a somewhat normal married couple with a social life.
This set of pictures is in chronological order: 1) keeping up with the presidential debates that would not let me concentrate on school, 2) attempting to adequately fill out the Florida ballot with 11 loooong amendments. I know, seriously? 3) mailing out my absentee ballot for the first time, ever. Felt pretty good.
And finally, getting my hospital badge and using it for the first time on my first day of maternal/newborn clinical. Joy!

With Love,

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