Fall Fashion Wish list

One thing I am very much enjoying about living in Minnesota is the change of seasons! In Miami, 90% of the year consists of scorching hot tropical temperatures and "winter" is about a week long with temperatures ranging from 50-60 degrees, on a good year! Now that I'm able to experience the Fall, I think it is my new favorite season! Here are some pieces on my wish list for the Fall. I already ordered a pair of boots, those should arrive very soon! My second priority for the Fall is tights, tights, and more tights, all in different bright colors! Ahh yes! One more thing I definitely want to incorporate into my personal Fall style is brooches. They are so adorable! Let's see what I can thrift to make that dream come true! I'll keep y'all posted! :)
Fall Fashion Wishlist

Fall Fashion Wishlist by rubi-diaz featuring leather boots

What's on your Fall wish list? 



Ruby Girl said...

i love the sleeveless army green trench!!

Rubi Diaz said...

Me tooo!!! I'm on the lookout for one! :)