Story Time

 Let me tell you a story. I've been wanting to do loose curls on my hair for a while now but every time I tried with a regular curling iron with one of those clips that open and close, I failed. I could never get how to use that on my hair. So I went out on Friday and found this Conair curling iron with no hook/clip and got it. It was different than all other irons I'd seen and looked pretty cool. In all honesty, the iron is decent, it works well--a little too well actually! I woke up extra early on Saturday to get ready for church and curl my hair with my new iron, yippee! I put on my protective glove on my three fingers and started curling away! It was all good until I aimed the iron downwards trying to get the hair on the back of my head that is harder to reach. As I aimed the iron downwards along my neck, my nerves screamed out of my skin irking me to stop torturing their little selves. I immediately pulled the attacker aka the curling iron away from my skin but too late--BURNED! The side of my neck got eerily red and a little swollen. I almost burst out crying right there thinking I would forever wear the scars of a good hair day turned awfully wrong! I scrambled in my backyard looking for raw aloe to find out our tree died a few months ago. My grandma then  ran to the neighbor's and broke off a branch from their aloe plant. My momma put a ton of aloe on my neck, it felt better but the burn was becoming more pronounced and visible now. I finished curling my entire head of hair (I have so much hair!), got dressed in my new Cynthia Rowley leopard print dress (LOVE!) added a pretty clip to my head of curls and left for church. The big curls helped conceal the giant burn though some people did panic when they noticed it and asked me what in the world happened to me?! I can only anticipate that I will be scarred for a good while, probably months, and will forever remember the cost of a good hair day. Is it worth to try it again? Maybe. If i'm wearing a turtle neck!
Above and to the right is the weapon used in the attack on my neck. 
The huge burn in a very visible place on my neck! Might as well explain the cause of my not-so-chic scar before y'all notice it in future posts. Ta-dah. 

Please tell me I'm not the only idiot on the planet who will have to bear the scar of a hair-curling disaster? Have you ever burned yourself trying to iron/curl your hair? Now seriously, have you ever burned yourself that bad on your neck?
Help a sista' feel better about herself and share your story below!

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SisterlyLove said...

Oh I'm so sorry!! Yes I've burned myself too! Burns hurt so baaaad! Vitamin E on it every day should help as well as lavender essential oil and of course aloe vera. But the vitamin e should make the scar go away sooner.
Well anyway, you are so adorable. So sorry!!