Creamy Avocado Pasta + Tropical Storm Isaac

How do you spend a tropical storm in Miami stuck indoors for a full two days? Well cooking and baking of course! (That is, if your power didn't go out!) My mom and I like to get creative in the kitchen and always look up recipes and ideas for new things to try! Sometimes they are fantastic, sometimes we fail epically. This creamy avocado pasta: FANTASTIC! You can find the recipe here from Oh She Glows. It's avocado season in Florida and we have an avocado tree in out backyard so avocados are plentiful! It's sweet to find different ways to use avocados! Yummmy! My husband was craving some Bahama Breeze bruschetta so for an at-home alternative I made these yummy bruschetta with french bread, Smart Balance butter mixed with mashed garlic, chopped tomato, and basil. They were a hit! And of course, in every good Cuban meal you cannot forget plantains. These plantains were sliced and baked in the oven for a healthier alternative to the deep-fried plantain. They were still delicious! And for dessert, ladies & gentlemen, your choice of pumpkin pie or peach crumble pie! My momma made the pumpkin pie and I made the peach crumble pie! Both were delishhh! 
You must be wondering what damage the hurricane caused in my neighborhood. It was truly devastating as you can see in the pictures below from my backyard. The fallen branch from the mango tree means 5 less mangos next summer and that, my friends, is heart wrenching. Now seriously, it was just a lot of rain and winds every now and then. The power never left, no trees fell besides that tiny branch and all was good in Westchester. The storm does have the potential of becoming a Hurricane in the coming hours so it is best we pray for New Orleans who, in the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, may be hit again to destroy the progress they have made since 2005. 

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Julie Waldvogel said...

I love your blog name (lol..its the same as mine). I will be praying for everyone thats in the path of Hurricane Issac. God Bless!