Husband's Pick: Yellow & Black Combo

 I let my husband pick out my outfit today. This is what he chose! What do you think? Not too shabby! He loves the color yellow on me. First he picked out the dress, then he said it was too plain and we should add a belt. So he chose this polka dot belt. I would've never thought of that one but it works! Have you dared to let your husband/boyfriend dress you for a day? Try it! It may not be so bad!

It's always good to take into consideration your husband/boyfriend's tastes. Sometimes what we love, they don't. You'd be surprised at what your significant other has to say about what he likes you to wear and what he doesn't like you to wear. Anthony was pretty specific when I asked him. "I love dresses! Especially those flower summer dresses! I really don't like jeans!" Now I have a better idea of how to make him happy with what I choose to wear.  It's not all about me. It's about us. <3

 dress: maxx studio, black cover up: tjmaxx, belt: ruby fox, shoes: ann taylor hand-me-down, flower bracelet: forever 21

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