How to Make a Short Dress Modest + Mamey Party!

We all have that really cute dress that is too short and too tight to wear out in public. This is one of those for me. It is way above my knee and pretty tight. It was perfect for the sunny beach in Dominican Republic for our honeymoon but not-so-appropriate for a day out shopping with the mums. So how do you make an "immodest" dress "modest." There are several ways actually but today I will just focus on one. Turn it into a long shirt and wear it with some nice dark jeans or leggings. Pair it with some accessories like this darling hat from forever 21, add some sandals and you're good to go. Get creative! There are tons of ways to dress modestly. 
dress as shirt: marshals, jeans: american eagle, sandals: roxy at nordstrom rack, hat: forever 21, purse: glam
The Miami sky was so stunningly blue today! Like my cute baby palm tree? I hadn't seen a palm tree in 8 months! Yikes!
Two awesome news today:
1. I got new glasses!!!!!! 
(see below-aren't they cute?!)
2. A Cuban fruit vendor was selling these babies in the parking lot of TJMAXX this morning. I swear they are the most delicious mameys I have ever had. So ripe, so sweet, so extraordinary. Thank God for tropical fruits. I have a theory that Eve's down fall was either a mango or a mamey? What do you think? 
Here's a collage of our super mamey party!
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Melinda said...

I just recently bought a short dress from a thrift store. I haven't yet worn it over jeans, but i'm looking forward to trying that out.

I found your blog via Fresh Modesty.