The Secret of Allure

The way we dress sends a message to those around us, whether we mean to or not. A girl who flaunts her body with short, tight outfits sends the message that she wants guys to notice her. A girl who dresses like a slob sends the message that she does not care enough about those around her to give any thought to her appearance. A girl who hides behind shapeless, dowdy clothes sends the message that she is ashamed of her femininity. And a girl who dresses with modest, feminine, dignified style sends the message that she vales those around her and wants to reflect the beauty of Christ in her appearance. 

Christa Taylor, a young Christian clothing designer, expressed it this way:
"When a young woman chooses to dress in a way that thoughtlessly exposes her body or, worse, seeks to use her body to allure men, she is reducing herself to mere eye candy. All that is truly good and beautiful and unique about a young woman is lost, and she is only seen as an object for sex. Womanhood today is so crude, largely because of the attack on female modesty. Many mainstream fashion trends are very unflattering. Low-rise jeans, for instance, can create "muffin tops" and, when seated, reveal way too much of your derriere to the unfortunate individual behind you. This does not enhance a woman's beauty or attractiveness. In contrast, a woman who is dressed with dignity and grace, in feminine apparel that flatters, draws attention to her face, her personality, and charm.  
Modesty is the ancient secret of allure. An oxymoron? I think not. When women choose to dress with modesty and dignity, it just might flip everything around...We were created in such a way that when we humans act without restraint and without any rules, we don't have as much fun! Modesty and dignity helps women protect their romantic hopes, challenges men to be courteous and honorable, and will turn the whole sexual revolution on its head. That is something to look forward to." 
The Lost Art of True Beauty by Leslie Ludy, Page 73-74 
blouse, skirt, cardigan, sunglasses: the limited, wedges: hand-me-down, purse: mom's closet


Georgia. said...

Gorgeous look! You look really classy and chic :)
Georgia x

Rubi Diaz said...

Thank you very much Georgia! Blessings to you! :)

Mila said...

so very true! you are so wise! i actually have been dressing more feminine to work. not that i didnt before but really wearing skirts and dresses and more heels. and i seriously love it! you always look so nice!

Rubi Diaz said...

Thank you Mila! I have found that when I take time to dress up and look more feminine, I feel much better throughout the day. It really helps quick off the day to a good start! :) Blessings!