I Lead, You Follow. Love, God.

I was reading the book of Proverbs this morning and got caught up in Proverbs 4:11-12, 26-27. God began speaking truth to my heart and showing me that His ways are better than my ways and His thoughts, higher than my thoughts. 
Proverbs 4:11-12
"I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths. When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run, you will not stumble." 
God's personal message to me: "I, the Lord, will guide you, Rubi, in a way where wise choices are made. I will lead you along straight paths. If you follow my lead and don't listen to your own ways, you will arrive in safe harbors, you will receive the desires of your heart, you will take hold of the blessings I promised you more quickly because my ways are straight, not crooked. When you walk, you will not be impeded by anyone or anything because I am holding on to your hand and walking before you. I lead, you follow. And when running is necessary, you won't stumble. Don't worry, I remove all obstacles that would prevent you from reaching the goal.  Because I walk before you, every impediment hits me and I block it, move it out of the way, so we can walk swiftly. I am your Defender." 
Proverbs 4:26
"Make level paths for your feet and take only ways that are firm."
"Along the road you may encounter other paths beside the one that I have led you on. But consider this: take only ways that are firm. Build on solid rock, not sinking sand. If I can't go in with you, then don't go in at all. I have something better for you." 
Proverbs 4:27
"Do not swerve to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil."
"Remember, my paths are straight. If you follow my lead, you will not swerve to the right or left and you  will keep your foot from evil. Know me. I would never make you go through a path where your faith is compromised. Follow me. " 

Isn't it beautiful how God can take one tiny piece of scripture and transform it into a personal message for you and me? God speaks and He reveals things into our hearts and minds about what He wants us to be reassured of. Thank you Lord for helping me sit still enough to hear you. 
dress: tjmaxx, belt: forever 21, shoes: hand-me-down, headband: Lily Among Thorns

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I love viewing blogs with woman with same interests and a love for God.
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