A Pink Little Town Called Gruene (G-reen)

The last day of our weekend getaway to San Antonio consisted of a trip to a small old town of Texas called Gruene. It is one of the cutest little towns I've ever seen! It has the oldest country dance hall in Texas and a ton of antique shops full of little country gems. I was feeling PINK that day and decided to scout all the pink items I could find! 
pink tank: bebe via RubyGirl, crop shorts: marshalls, sandals: aerosoles via tjmaxx, headband: old navy, aviators: jessica simpson via ross, purse: tjmaxx
Yes, ladies & gentlemen, a pink vintage phone! How cute is that?!
I went to the clothing section of the antique shop and I found this legit cowboy hat and Cache red leather jacket. And my next pink find: a pink guitar! 
Then I went to the store next door which hosted an array of souvenirs. I thought this parking sign was adorable for princesses like ourselves!
This is certainly NOT pink but I just had to put it up so ya'll can see a little bit more of Texas! Up on the wall hung a Texas flag and the Confederate flag. It was funny because there was no American flag in the entire store. I guess these Texans have yet to realize the Civil War succeeded and we are still a union of states. Sometimes Texas thinks it is an independent country and I kind of like that about it.  It's quite funny. 
And yes, a pink house! Do you think Anthony would let me paint our future home pink? Ehh, I think not. 
And for my future pink home, pink kitchen stuff! Love it!


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