Once a thrifter, always a thrifter

My thrifting adventures began the moment I stepped foot in Baytown, TX. If you've ever been to Baytown (not likely), you'll quickly realize there isn't much. There is, however, a fabulous Goodwill Thrift Store! The first time I stepped into Goodwill, I was determined to find some sweet deals. In my mind, I thought of Goodwill as a little treasure chest, and I, the newbie thrifter was the adventurous new blogger determined to fetch some fashion gold. Since I gave thrift shopping a chance, I have to say, I will never ever ever ever buy something at a department store again. To be honest, I don't really like going to the mall anymore because everything seems (and is) SO ridiculously expensive in comparison. My advice to everyone is: never pay full price for an item, shop sales rack, and best of all, give thrifting a try! You will get hooked! I found some amazing stuff and could not contain my excitement. I just had to share them with all of you! 
I instantly fell in love with this gorgeous vintage sequin masterpiece as soon as I set my eyes on it! It was made with such detail, it shines and sparkles, and it looks like it costs a million bucks. Then I tried it on and it fit PERFECT. I just love a good deal that sparkles. Somebody please invite me to a fancy dinner or wedding so I can wear it?
 Lawrence Kazer Vintage Sequin Evening Dress ($9)
 This dress is entirely made with this pretty olive green lace. It is simple and oh so flattering! It shapes perfectly and is so comfortable! It will be making it's blog debut soon!
 Mica dress ($9)
 City Triangles summer dress with an added brooch ($9)
I just love the soft yellow hue of this little gem. The pastel tones on the flower embroidery is lovely and I just love the air of femininity is exudes! 
Arden B. summer dress ($9)
Neiman Marcus brand new pleated skirt ($5)
I am not afraid of color. In fact, the more the merrier! I've always classified my style as eclectic because I just love to try different things!
Tibi summer skirt ($6)
This skirt is my newest addition! I just loved the mint green color and the bold pink flowers. I'm excited to wear it! 

And finally, part of being modest & simple in our Christian walk is to be reasonable in how much we spend on material things. Why pay $78 for a skirt when you can get it for $6? I've chosen to hand over the checkbook to Jesus and He never fails in helping me find great stuff for less. That way, I have more to give back to Him. Think God doesn't go shopping with us? It may sound silly but I have felt God guiding me multiple times when I go shopping--leading me to what is modest & Christ-like both in appearance and price. Ask for God's company; He'll be happy to tag along! After all, He wants to be intimately involved in EVERY area of your life!

Happy Thrifting,


Mila said...

you got some great finds! I especailly LOVE the sequinned dress! you should totally do a theme party where everyone can wear long dresses! You've won me over on the thrift shopping. I am low on patience wiht shopping and also hard for me to find stuff that fits my body type, but im so gonna go thrifting next week! xoxo mila

Stephanie said...

Love these finds!!!