"Like Peter, we can become convinced of the truth: namely, that we are not our sins. And we’re also not what others have done to us. Rather, we are who God says we are: his children. We are forgivable. We are changeable. We are capable. We are moldable. And we are bound by the limitless love of God. For many, it is difficult to accept that the past has passed. Sometimes, it’s so hard just to leave it there, where it belongs. But until we do, we cannot make peace with the present or walk into the future with hope."
Craig Groeschel [The Christian Atheist]

So I'm currently reading Craig Groeschel's book "The Christian Atheist" and it talks about the reasons why we may believe in God and call ourselves Christians but then act as if he didn't exist. This quote got to me. We all have past sins in our lives that make us feel ashamed to face God and believe that God can love us and forgive us. We can believe that God loves others and forgives others, but how can he possibly forgive me and that horrible thing I did? It's comforting to know that we are not our sins; we are a new creation as soon as we ask God to make us one. Our sins our gone. While we continue to dwell over them, God has already forgotten about them. Receive God's forgiveness today. It is why he gave his life. 

dress as skirt: mom's gift, lace top: marshals, belt: forever 21, heels: ellen tracy via opitz



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Hi Rubi! Thank you for all the encouraging words! You and I have more in common than I thought... We both have this shirt you're wearing in this post... both love God... and both have thick and amazing brows :) haha.. I will be a fellow follower... Thank you <3