Saturday night, we came back from church, Skyped with my parents, and then napped for a good 3 hours. For the record, I hate napping. It always makes me feel super disoriented and wacko when I wake up and find out that it's not morning, it's actually night. Gross. Regardless, my body just couldn't take it anymore and knocked out. So we woke up at 8-ish and decided to try out this chinese buffet. It was good for the taste buds. They had fried rice made especially for you, fried plantains which I hadn't had in such a long time, and a ton of other stuff. I even cheated my vegan diet and caved into the pizza slice I'd been craving! Ughhh! But healthy? No way. I felt pretty gross after indulging in all these fatty foods. So the next day, I began my penance. We went to the gym and ran for 45 minutes and burned a little over 300 calories. I probably ate a lot more than that though! Then Monday rolled in and I completed my penance with a cleansing drink. See below for details. 
button-up: GAP thrifted, tank top: forever 21, capri: marshals, flats: marshals, belt: forever 21
I look slightly wacko in all these pictures. This is why I dislike napping!

My final act of penance: 
Kale, Parsley, Carrot, and a hint of Pineapple to help me swallow. It actually did not taste that bad! 


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