Seeking Modesty

After posting my reasoning behind modest fashion and stating the reasons behind why I decided to start a blog, I was asked by a reader where we can find modest clothing that's fashionable and Christ-like at the same time. I put together this outfit below from wonderful online stores where you can find modest clothing. Sometimes you have to pick and choose what's modest from what's not. For instance, Forever 21 has some great pieces that you can include in your wardrobe for very reasonable prices. At the same time, they have a lot of pieces that are not so great and that I stray away from because they would not be fulfilling my purpose of displaying Christ, not my body, to the world. Prayerfully decide what pieces would work and which pieces will not. 

Aside from shopping in stores like those listed below, I have found that thrifting is a wonderful way to find modest clothing for super budget-friendly prices. Goodwill has become one of my favorites as of lately. I have found so many gems there that I will share with you all soon. Happy shopping ya'll!

Find this darling embellished top at DownEast Basics. 
Find these fabulous yellow skinny jeans at The Limited. 

Pair it with this awesome cardigan from Forever 21

And finish off the outfit with these gorgeous short-heel wedges from Go Jane.


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