Ethical Fashion: Amani Ya Juu "Peace from Above"

Meet Amani Ya Juu: a faith-based sewing, business, and reconciliation project for marginalized women in 5 African countries. These lovely ladies produce fair trade bags, accessories, home goods, and more. Established in Nairobi, Kenya, the main purpose of Amani Ya Juu is to establish a presence of peace in both the lives of the women who sew these pieces together, but also in the communities and countries they inhabit. 

They graciously sent me this necklace to review and share with you a little bit about Amani Ya Juu. I don't wear jewelry often but when an emblem of peace, love, and hope for women is wrapped around your neck, how can I not? The necklace is beautiful, excellent quality, colorful, versatile and unique. I encourage you to ditch the sweatshop-produced jewelry section of Forever 21 and seek ethically-produced options like those found at Amani Ya Juu

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