Strawberry & Tomato Picking + A Raw Recipe

This place is just too good. Picking strawberries and tomatoes right from the branches, gulping them in your mouth if they're too ripe to last and savoring the delicious sweetness of God manifested in his creation. These berries are a delicacy, for real. I just had to go one more time before going back to Minnesota. This time, I went with my momma. We fell in love with the strawberry fields & tomato vines. Oh, and the sticky buns too! Yum!
And now for a Fully Raw Recipe, I present to you "Raw Fettuccine Alfredo." What in the world? Yes, raw! I've been wanting to try a raw recipe for a while. I follow Fully Raw Kristina on Youtube and she is just this fire ball of energy and life. She is fully raw 80/10/10 which means that 80% of her food comes from fruits, 10% is protein derived from greens like spinach, kale, and swiss chard, and 10% is fats from nuts & seeds. WOAH. I was amazed when I found her. I thought to myself, people actually eat like this? And I thought I was healthy. Ha. She's so inspirational and makes raw recipes look extremely appetizing. The women of the house (mom, g-ma, and me) really wanted to try a raw recipe so here it goes! 
It was actually really tasty! It smelled AMAZING, especially the "sauce" with the sage, oregano, and basil bursting with flavor. WOAH. To be honest, I don't think I could ever go fully raw. I certainly can do vegan if I commit to it. However, I recognize that this raw dish is rife with vitamins and minerals, and every other good thing needed for life in its raw form which means that nothing is lost, nothing is denatured by heat, everything is usable and nothing can make you fat. It's perfection, I know. But it's hard. Really hard. I won't go fully raw, but I will definitely incorporate more RAW into my diet! So good for you!

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