What I Learned About Winter in 48 Hours

The past 48 hours have been trying for me, I'm not gonna lie! I am a Floridian. Born and raised in Miami, FL. I don't see snow, much less in this quantity. When I looked out the window Sunday morning and saw the white sheet that was blanketing the ground, the trees, the cars, I was in love. Winter Wonderland is like a fairy tale dream, except in Minnesota, it's the real thing. It snowed all day. The light set and still, the flakes kept falling. The sun rose up Monday morning and everything was still intact except this time, it was a sunny day and the radiant beams of the sun lit up the scenery like a Christmas lights on a pine tree. Yes, I love what I saw, and even what I experienced since my husband and I went out on Sunday for a play date in the snow! But there are drawbacks to the beautiful scenery. I've learned quite a bit in my first 48 hours of blizzard-like weather without the wind factor which brings me to lesson number one: 
  • Tons of snow does not equal a blizzard. You need strong winds in order to consider a snow storm a blizzard and this particular storm did not have strong winds, just 14 inches worth of snow! 
  • Owning water-proof-everything is essential to making it out of the snow dry.
  • Never leave your make up bag in the car because you don't know when a blizzard is coming. For 48 hours I had no access to my make up bag because it was literally buried inside my car. 
  • Shoveling is the worst thing, ever. Especially when your car is pretty much stuck in the middle of a snow "jail" with white walls erected on every side. It took us an hour to shovel our car out. We ended the experience (which I have a feeling will be much more common that last winter!) with numb fingers, legs, tomato red faces, mucus draining from noses, and wet jeans from how high the snow was. 
  • As we shoveled away, cars were getting stuck on the street, unable to move no matter how much they tried to accelerate. The people had to get out of their cars and physically push the car for a few feet, get back in, and keep driving. Seriously? I don't want to have to do that! Now I am officially petrified of getting stuck in a snow jam by myself with no one to help me push my car! :(
  • A giant truck got stuck and hubby somehow managed to help him by telling him to reverse and then try the opposite lane! The truck driver new in town was eternally grateful! Welcome to MN after a blizzard, I guess!
  • Another crazy thing about MN: No snow days, like ever! I mean seriously, 14 inches, and you expect me to walk to work? Yep! So I did. And took lots of pictures along the way! :)
  • There's always that one random guy, riding his bike to school, in -2 F weather and tires 3 inches deep in snow. I commend you, good Sir! 
  • I have a feeling I will be learning many things about SNOW this winter. Stay tuned!
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the University of Minnesota Saint Paul Campus after a snow storm. With all its drawbacks and crazy freezing temperatures, Winter Wonderland is still a beauty. 

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