Victoria's Secret: Thoughts

I cannot tell you how many comments I came across from women feeling a whole array of unhealthy emotions after the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired Tuesday night. Just a few heartbreaking tweets from that night:

Can't wait to watch the  so I can feel guilty for the 5 Chick'n less nuggets I just had for dinner.
Finally watched the  and as guys boners go up so do girls suicidal rate 
 : destroying girls self esteem since '95
When I come to school with a brown paper bag over my face you'll know why 
i can't even watch the  because i know it'll make my self esteem go dangerously low
Regular people must feel ugly when they see Cheerleading on TV. Well tonight cheerleaders actually feel ugly
Eating McDonalds because it's probably the last time I'll ever want to see food after tonight 
well…today's the day all women hate themselves.
happy national insecurity day ! 
Yup. I'm going to sit and watch the tonight with a tub of ice cream and a bucket of tears.
Today is the day I question my sexuality & whether or not I will ever eat again 

This may be a generalization, but based on my observations, when women check out other women that look like this ^ they create an image in their minds of what a woman should look like. Then, this awful thing happens called comparison. And if you happen to not look like one of them ^ then you are not enough. What walking the runway in lingerie is teaching women is that your body=your worth. But not only that. It objectifies women and reduces them to an object of sex. Women exist for the pleasure of men, that's what they tell us. 
Boy have I got news for you! You are more than a body, you are more than your bra size, you are more than the size of your bottom or the type of undergarments you wear. You are more than the color of your skin or the flatness of your tummy, you are more than your height, your waist size, and the length of your legs. You are an image bearer of God. Please, do not reduce your worth to what you see in the mirror. Women like that ^ are the minority. Yes, they're beautiful, but so are you, just the way you are. Believe it. Internalize it. And live in the freedom that you are worth so much more than what the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show wants you to think. 

With Love,

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