Life is a Runway: Sunday Style Link-Up Christmas Edition!

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, it's that time of year again! Christmas time in Miami was great, but something about spending the holidays in Winter Wonderland Minnesota makes my heart flutter with joy. It makes the holidays all that more enjoyable and full of life. Waking up to a blanket of white out my window is priceless. I had a wonderful Sabbath! I woke up in the Christmas spirit, threw on the most Holiday-ish outfit I could come up with in 10 minutes and enjoyed the presence of God and friends throughout the day. The school kids had their Christmas program this morning. It was adorable in so many ways. I mean, the four year-old tiny angels, or the older rapping angels, the four wise men (not three!!!), or the shepherd boys and girls. Seriously, who can resist a Christmas program put on by kids? Well, I'm sure many people would pass, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! 
The evening ended with a fabulous Christmas party (pictures to follow)! We had a blast eating delicious chili, uhmazing dessert, and opening random gifts while playing the white elephant game (apparently that's a midwestern thing?). Anyway, it was so fun! 
Welll, tonight was the last bit of fun I will be having for a week. Finals are creeping up real soon and I'm feeling the pressure alright! If you have a prayer to spare for us, we would so appreciate it! 

Hope you have a blessed Sunday!
I know it's a little too serious, but I love the way it came out! I was really happy though!
dress: tjmaxx, shirt: maxx studio, scarf: gift, belt: from another dress, tights: marshalls, wedges: anne klein, brooch: goodwill
The lovely decorations, delicious chili made by our chef youth leader, a beautiful display of fruits for dessert, a majestic Christmas tree with lots of presents, and more pretty decor! 
Here I am with my two good friends Jamie to the left and Jessica to the right. Love you girls!
So while playing the White Elephant (that depreciates in value and consequently starts a riot! *Inside joke, don't try to understand it! *), I chose a gift that ended up being noise putty! Yes, that's exactly right, putty with a case of flatulence
And finally, my hubby and I trying to take a decent looking holiday photo! But our silliness comes out at the end no matter what! Merry Christmas! 
If you give me a reason to dress-up, rest assured that I will take it! There's snow outside, there was a Christmas show at church by the kids, and a Christmas party with the youth at night, what does that equal? You got it dude! It's time to dress like you're super excited it's Christmas time!!! With this outfit, I was attempting to embody Christmas. I wanted to mix in the colors I associate with the holidays, lace, and a pretty brooch. I felt like a Christmas tree all day, and that's exactly what I was going for! 
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ThistleAshD said...

Love the tealish green

Jessi said...

I love that your scarf matches with the tights, so cute!! Such a pretty dress! Just found you over at modern modest beauty.