Thrifted Gems: Happy Dance in Clogs

You know what I love about thrifting? You never know what you're going to get! There's aisles packed with treasure, and you have to hunt to find the gems! I scored BIG TIME yesterday on my trip to Goodwill. I've had a grin on my face all day after this $11 mega-deal. Yellow tags were on sale with an added 50% off. Oh yeah. I vowed to scout for yellow tag items in particular and only deviate from the plan if I found something totally amazing that I would forever regret not buying, which I did find. So I "splurged" on a $4.99 sweater that is more than worth it. Here were my deals, or shall I call them steals?
I found this delicate lace top for $0.99. Yes, that's one penny less than a dollar friends! 
 Here's where I splurged on this Zara mustard sweater for $4.99. Come on! It was in perfect condition, super soft and warm, and it's Fall for crying out loud. I needed something mustard in my closet like NOW. 
I fell in insta-love when my eyes saw this plaid LOFT skirt for $1.49. It fit like it was made for me in a size 4. And the quality is fantastic. Yay!
I had to save the best for last. Words cannot express the excitement I felt when I found these brown clogs. I've been swooning over clogs for a while now but haven't found any at a reasonable price. I found one shoe today, it was my exact size! I knew I had to buy these Mossimo clogs for $3.49 but first I had to scour the store for the other shoe. I found it! Joy. They are mine!!!!

With Love,


Danielle Smiley said...

The lace top is so pretty! And I love the mustard top. I have been searching for a decently priced mustard sweater for a month now. Great finds :)

<3 Danielle

Ruby Girl said...

Wow, super great finds! Love the Zara sweater and loft skirt! The plaid is so perfectly preppy. xoxo linds