The Nursing Diaries: On My Own

Yesterday was my third day of Maternal/Newborn clinical! Can you believe it?! It's going by so fast! I  want time to stop so I can slowly soak in all the baby goodness I see every Tuesday! As you may recall from last week's post, I learned how to do a postpartum and newborn assessment last week. This week I had to do it all on my own. Little did I know, I would have to do pretty much everything on my own! Ahh! It was one of those days where you have no option BUT to learn and fend for yourself. The nurse I was assigned to was so busy with other patients the whole day that I was left on my own to provide care for my patient. I felt like a little nurse and it's a wonderful feeling, BUT I also felt extremely stressed with just ONE patient. Thank God for clinical practice! What will I do when I have like 5 assigned to my care?!

It was an amazing experience though. I got to assess mom and baby, interacted with a patient who was from a completely different culture & faith than I and even got to do some education on skin-to-skin mother-baby bonding and how it helps with breastfeeding. Not only did I teach, but the patient was ubber receptive and implemented it, and the baby was sooo happppy to be close to mom! I love this. Next week, on to new adventures in the postpartum unit! I am literally counting down the weeks till I get to be in the Labor & Delivery floor. I hope I see a water birth! *fingers crossed!*


SisterlyLove said...

So exciting! I hope you get to see a water birth too! My Mom, sister AND sister-in-law all had home water births and loved it.


Chantal Meade said...

Aww, so glad to have found your blog. I'm starting nursing school in August !!

Rubi Diaz said...

Hey Chantal! That's so awesome! I hope you enjoy it! I just looked at your Google Profile, are you going to nursing school in FIU? I went to FIU before I moved to MN! I'm originally from Miami, FL. Very cool that you found me!

Have a blessed day!!!