The Joys of Juicing with my Omega 8006

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen!

Have you ever drank freshly squeezed juice? Besides orange juice? If you have, you know why I'm so excited about juicing! If you haven't, get with the program!!! You're MISSING OUT! I was introduced to juicing by my grandma in Miami. She liked to make apple and carrot juice in the mornings and they were so good but besides that, I never thought seriously about incorporating it in my own life. That was until I saw the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. If you haven't watched it, do it! It's on Netflix. Amazing story of a man who is healed of an autoimmune disease by doing a juice fast. The change is remarkable!
This week I have been feeling a little bloated from eating too much heavy carbs like breads and pastas. (cut me some slack please! It was National Pasta Day on Wednesday!!!) So, in efforts to give my tummy a break for the evening I decided to make some homemade juice and "drink" that for dinner. I made a video of the whole process for you all. I hope you find it helpful if you're thinking about juicing! I truly hope you will give juicing a chance. Your body will thank you for bathing it in the nutrients it's craving and your health will show its appreciation by giving you a long and happy life. 

Happy Juicing!!!

P.S. 1) Pardon the awkwardness. 2) Correction: Contrary to what I said in the video, you cannot juice ANY food. For instance, you probably will not get much juice from a pizza roll or a hot pocket. But on a serious note, potatoes and yams probably won't taste so good either.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rubi:

Though we differ in our religious beliefs, I think we can both agree that our body is really all we have.

It's kind of surprising how little people know about juicing. I was telling a doctor friend of my about juicing, and she said something like: why not just eat it? Or: but what about the fiber?

I was trying to explain the whole purpose of juicing is to get rid of the fiber. But she seems to be stuck on the popular concept that fiber is better than no fiber.

In you video, you brought up the point that when you eat the foods, your body doesn't absorb all the nutrients, but when you drink it in juice form, you get all of it. That's exactly the point!

What keeps me from juicing more often, is i get lazy some times. I think i might have found a solution. I've decided to make a lot at once, and store it (you can find some good tips on storing fresh juice here).

I know it's not recommended, but I think it's still better than not juicing. What is your thought about making fresh juice and store it for later use?


ps. love your honest about how awful some vegetables can taste. :)

Rubi Diaz said...

Hi Jeff! Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you also enjoy juicing! I too, can get lazy sometimes, especially when I'm having a busy week like this one! My husband and I have been talking about doing a juice fast for a week and we've thought about exactly what you mentioned--storing the juice for later. It's not awesome, but it isn't awful either. I've tried storing juice for a couple of days and I've got to say that by the 2nd day it was already smelling different so I had to throw it out. What we thought of doing is juicing in the morning for the whole day and making sure we drink it all before the end of the day. I don't think that would be a problem. But to be honest, I haven't done much research about juice storing. I'll definitely check out the link you provided. Again, thanks for stopping by and happy juicing! :)