Fleeting Warmth + The Sniffles

dress: quicksilver, denim jacket: thrifted, boots: kenneth cole reaction, tights: target, headband: diy

Yesterday started out wonderfully, nice weather, cold enough not to sweat but warm enough to wear a simple denim jacket. I feel like perfect weather is slipping away from my fingertips and soon we will be covered in white flakes. I need to enjoy it while it lasts. Anyway, my day took a turn for the worst when a bad case of the sniffles pounced on my sleep-deprived body and well, that's what happened last night. I apologize for my Wednesday Night Rant video from yesterday. I have multiple personalities (or I think I do!) that shift depending on the time of day. Late at night + a bad case of the sniffles = yesterday's video.
I still feel sick today but I'm slowly recovering from the cold. MN temperatures fluctuate so much they confuse my poor immune system soldiers.
Just one more day until the weekend. You can do this, Rubi.


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Natasha Atkerson said...

I can definitely relate! Here in Montana is probably just as (if not more!) crazy! It can be 80 deg one minute, and raining/snowing and freezing the next! I've seriously confused my wardrobe, long sleeves, shorts and sweaters have all been pulled out this week! Very thankful for zippered hoodies! ;) Haven't pulled out my boots just yet, I'm waiting till it's fairly cold! Super cute outfit! Love the headband!
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