Embarrassing Teenage Crush Story + A Trip Down Memory Lane

It all started in the year 2003. The Florida Marlins made it the playoffs and I am not embarrassed to say: I jumped on the bandwagon! I was in the sixth grade. When I laid eyes on their rookie star player Miguel Cabrera, an army of butterflies blew up in my tummy and I was in love!  My locker displayed pictures of the man of my immature dreams covered in hearts and kisses. My binders, each adorned with his photograph. I would hold my binders close to my chest and sigh, actually thinking I had a chance with him. Someday, I said, someday. I don't know what led me to this ungodly obsession with Miguel Cabrera, but looking back at this, he does not attract me whatsoever. My friends always told me I was blind to like this guy but I didn't believe them. Now I do realize I was indeed, very blind. Anyway, I still remember the time of my teenage crush as a memorable time. It was loads of fun the year the Marlins won the World Series against the Yankees. I was so proud of them, lost my voice, and partied on 40th street with my grandma in her PJs. I love when a home team wins the championship; it feels like you're part of this big family and you're all celebrating a giant victory for the city you're proud to have been born in. Miami, I complain about you all the time, but you are so unique and I do love you. 
I could resist visiting the new Marlins Park before heading back to MN. This team holds a special place in my heart because they've given me  very fond memories with my family and community. Just for me, they won 9-0 and the camera man chose us to be on the big TV, twice! 
Remembering 2003...
My brother and I were super fans in 2003. We geared up with Marlins wear, decorated the entire living room for the occasion. We had such a great time that year! There in the back is my bunny Tommy, he was put to sleep for having a form of testicular cancer. Yeah, I know right? Bunnies get that stuff too? :( 
Laugh if you will, I made a poster thinking Miguel Cabrera would actually see me and acknowledge my presence, hear my voice cheering him on and declaring my love for him. Negative. 
This is the embarrassing part. Screaming, "I love you Miguel Cabrera" in a stadium full of people that were probably pitifully staring at me. Ahh, who cares? It was fun!

Hope y'all have a happy Thursday!


Roothless.xo said...

I enjoyed this very much.
I think everyone has a crush on someone and hopes with all their might that "someday, someday"
this was cute!

SisterlyLove said...

I love it. :) you guys were so cute!!