Re-fashion an Old Pair of Purple Jeans

"Many people often say they “feel guilty” about something. Others say they are “convicted”. Guilt is not from the Holy Spirit. Guilt does nothing but condemn you and wants you to feel bad and wallow in your shame. Conviction, on the other hand, is from the Spirit. It brings freedom to make a wrong, right. An easy way to remember the difference is this: Guilt paralyzes, conviction motivates.
How do you feel when you've done something wrong? Guilty or convicted? If you experience guilt to where you can't seem to make amends, recognize that is a tactic of our spiritual enemy. If you experience conviction, let the Spirit guide you to making the situation right again."
The Surrendered Life at YouVersion
lace top: marshals, tank: forgot, capri: DIY project, scarf: jessica simpson via tjmaxx, sandals: tjmaxx, purse: tjmaxx
Confession: These pants were my first official DIY fashion project. This old pair of purple washed denim pants had a big open hole right at the knee. I decided to cut them at the knee and sew a nice flower trim to the bottom of the leg to add a little pizzaz to the pants. I like how they turned out! But I'm not thrilled about this outfit. Something seems not right. Oh well, I did say this whole fashion thing was an experiment! Not everyday is a good day but with trial and error, I am improving! :)


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hourglass figure said...

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