30x30 Remix Challenge

After the first few weeks of blogging, I started to feel like I needed more clothes. Combine that with the fact that 1/2 of my summer wardrobe is in Miami (not with me) and the fact that for the past month I've been bored out of my mind while Anthony's working, I've just taken up shopping as a hobby! That has got to stop. It's not healthy, it's not an accurate example of simplicity even if I'm thrifting, and it's not as fun. You must be wondering what this 30x30 Remix Challenge is all about so here's the deal! Choose 30 pieces of clothing from your closet and wear them for 30 days. Remix them, try different things, and don't buy anything new! Here are the 30 pieces that I've picked out for this challenge. Accessories and shoes are not included in the 30 items so those can vary from outfit to outfit. The most important part of this challenge is to have fun and discover new ways to use your clothing to create stylish outfits. Anyone else want to take on the challenge? If you do, keep me posted as I will keep you posted on my little month long adventure! 
I did some closet shopping today and this is what I picked out:
6 pants
1-denim capri: marshalls
2-white jones new york capri: ross
3-purple re-fashioned capri: tjmaxx
4-green skinny jeans: tjmaxx
5-blue skinny jean: marshals
6-american eagle jeans (not shown)
 4 skirts
1-denim skirt: don't remember
2-red neiman marcus: thrifted (GW)
3-black polka dot: ruby girl closet
4-green/pink flower tibi skirt: thrifted (GW)
 2 Button-up Shirts
1-2-Gap: thrifted (GW)
 4 tank tops
1-4: Forever 21
 6 blouses
1-lace top: marshals
2-american rag: opitz
3-6 sleeveless tops: the limited
 5 dresses
1-arden b: thrifted (GW)
2-orange dress: gifted (mom)
3-newport: thrifted (GW)
4-navy blue maxi: ross
5-city triangles: vintage thrifted (GW)
3 Cover-ups
1-blazer: forever 21
2-the limited vest: thrifted (GW)
3-lace blazer: the limited (not shown)



Elissa M said...

What a good idea! I've recently been frustrated when I stand in front of my closet because I have some things that I really like but I never wear them. I really haven't tried! Instead of trying, I settle for the easy stuff... capris and a t-shirt. lol! But, this has inspired me to force myself to make outfits out of those pieces.

Rubi Diaz said...

I'm glad you got some inspiration! It can be fun to get creative with your closet. I'm sure it will be a great learning experience. Good Luck! :)