Road Trippin' Day One: Kansas City, Missouri

After a long, hard year of school for the two of us, it is about time we took a chill pill (remember that from elementary school?) and relax on the road. We are on our way to the big ol' state of Texas and made our first stop along the way in Kansas City, Missouri. Here are a few pictures from our wittle cross-country adventure down the middle of the United States. 
hubby fueling up!
legit Mexican lunch in Iowa at Panchero's Mexican Grill
the romantic country club plaza in Kansas City, Missouri
Did I forget to mention that Kansas City, MO is coincidently the barbecue capital of the entire flipping country? Where did this vegetarian and aspiring vegan agree to come to? Needless to say, hubby would not step out of Kansas City without first sinking his teeth into some legendary KC barbecue. 
 this is my face for "what's the big deal? its just barbecue!"
Anthony was slightly obsessed with his barbecue mushiness.
I'd say my plate wins the prize for presentation! It looked beautiful and tasted yummy too! Yay for veggies!
Finally, I have a confession to make. Normally, on a road trip I'd vouch for the sweatpants, sneakers, and oversized t-shirt. It's comfy, right? However, since I vowed to be more of a "lady" in everything I do or say, I decided to opt for something more feminine and fashionable instead. I got to say, it was very comfortable! I didn't lose comfort for fashion. That's good news ladies! You can have both at once! Whoooot! Aren't I glad? Yup!
crop pants: marshalls, t-shirt: tjmaxx, cardigan: the limited, sandals: aerosols via tjmaxx, purse: Jessica Simpson via tjmaxx, hat: nordstrom rack

Stay tuned for tomorrow's updates! Where will we go next? Haven't decided yet! 

Good night,

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