Organizing Joy

School is out, over, finito, done! And nothing makes me giddy like organizing my 378 square foot living space! Living in a teeny tiny apartment and having lots of stuff isn't easy. So I knew what I wanted to do when the stress of school was over--organizing the heck out of my place to make sure I was making the most efficient use of those 378 square feet. 
Below I'll share some of my dilemmas and how I sought to solve them!
This armoire is for the two of us. I took all the pants taking up a lot of room in the closet and folded them to fit in here. Great idea! They are more easily accessible and take up less space than in the closet. I also divided in the winter shirts from the summer shirts and "his" (right) from "hers" (left).
I should've taken a "before" picture of this but forgot. Out shoes were "neatly" (not really) placed on the floor of this teeny closet. This was a totally inefficient use of space because only a few fit comfortable. So I headed out to Bed Bath and Beyond and got this expandable shoe rack! At it's current size it fits about 16 pairs of shoes. So happy! It was so easy to put together, I didn't even need hubby's help! 
Tip of the day: Wondering what in the world you could use to keep your boots from crumbling to the floor? Don't throw away the empty paper towel rolls. Use one or two of those to put inside your boots and they will be happily standing straight! Yipeee! 
See the tall boots there? There's paper rolls inside--oh yeah!!!
I also grabbed this $7 hamper from Bed Bath and Beyond to make throwing dirty clothes in the hamper easier for hubby (his idea). At least it keeps clothes off the floor! Yay! 
Now this baby right here is where I keep my pretty lady shoes. They don't all fit in the closet so this handy clear shoe bag from Marshalls for less than $10 did the trick! I can fit 12 pairs of shoes here and then sneak it right under the bed! Happiness. 
Before: my purses were in this closet, falling on top of each other, looking like a hot mess. Now: they are tucked into this pretty basket, organized, and contained. Joy. When in doubt of how to organize something, think BASKET. They work WONDERS. 
One of the many annoying things of this teeny student apartment is the fact that they assumed we don't need any under-the-sink storage space! It is pretty irritating but fear not, the BASKET is here. This basket serves it's function very effectively! And it looks fabulous! Again, joy. 
The medicine cabinet above the sink is teeny tiny (like everything else) and laying the tooth brushes and tooth past flat on the surface would take up way too much space. So I grabbed one of the alfredo sauce jars I saved, took off the label, and repurposed it to fit our tooth brushes and tooth paste. I love this!
Have you ever lost your keys? I have, several times. Enough of that! I got these cute little hooks at Bed Bath and Beyond for $3 and hung them on the fridge which is right by the door. We will never again lose our keys! Comforting indeed. 
It was so satisfying to be able to work on these projects I had been formulating in my mind for months! These are just the beginning though! I have many more I'd like to accomplish. It's only a matter of time, one square foot at a time! 


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